Safe & Healthy Drinking Water

Nazava Water Filter filters raw water for each drink. No need to buy gallons and boil water.

About Nazava Water Filter

The filter is very easy to use. You just poor water into the upper container and wait for the water to filter through the ceramic filter candle. After that you can tap the water from the lower container and continue drinking.

The water filter is designed to remove bacteria and dirt from the water and does so very effectively. The filter can remove 99.9% of bacteria from the water tested by the WHO, read more about removal rates here.

Specifications of the water filter

  • Volume: 2 x 16 liter

  • Pore Size of Ceramic Filter Candle: 0.4 micron

  • Amount of Filter Candles: 1

  • Flow Speed: around 2 liters per hour

  • Plastic: Food Contact Safe PP (Virgin)

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Does NOT use electricity

  • Manufactured in Indonesia


How do Nazava Water Filters Work?

The Nazava ceramic water filters purify your water in three steps

  1. Dirt and bacteria are filtered out by the ceramic.

  2. Bacteria and other micro-organisms are killed by silver

  3. Activated carbon in the filter improves taste and makes your water taste fresh!


Tiny pores in the ceramic membrane block bacteria and most dirt particles. Any bacteria that get stuck on the ceramic or in the pores are killed by nano-silver particles. The silver binds to the enzymes of micro-organisms which leaves them unable to grow and eventually die. Within the ceramic membrane, there is granular activated carbon of the highest quality. This carbon improves the taste of your water by absorbing chemicals.


Nazava’s ceramic filter is used in all drinking water systems by Nazava. Nazava’s ceramic filter has better bacteria removal, faster flow speed for a lower price.

You can use our drinking water filters to filter tap, well, and rainwater so it becomes safe to drink. Because the filter systems are gravity-powered they do not use electricity or other fuels. Nazava filters come with a simple tool to check whether the filter candle needs to be replaced.