About Trestle

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Why Us

Trestle serves as a foundation for a bridge. We will direct you to the best solutions for your project, assist you in designing them, and educate you to manage them on your own.


Our Goals

Our goal as a company is to provide you with the support needed to bridge the gap between your goals and your technical needs, and our chosen name reflects these ideals.


Our Strategy

We provide strategic consultancy services in the areas of social impact management, dashboard design for data collection, development communication, and capacity building.


Why choose Trestle?


About our business

Trestle is a globally recognized social enterprise supporting Not-For-Profits, NGOs, Academics, and Social Enterprises by helping them collect and analyse high-quality data. We also handle the India operations of SurveyCTO, a leading data-collection platform.


Advanced Analytics

With our expertise in software, we can help you with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. That includes machine learning algorithms, linear regression, time series, statistical inference, designing Word Cloud, Sentiment Analysis, and more.


Customer Insights

We work closely with you to analyze each data source, facts, figures, and engineering solution to deliver predictive insights to you by building intelligent dashboards - uncover the reality that you need to know.


Helping Businesses

We are here to bridge the technological gap to help you accomplish your vision of a better tomorrow, whether you are a small business or a large organisation.

“Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

Maulik Chauhan

Founder & Director – Trestle


The Trestle Story

When was the last time you were inspired? For our founder, it was when he watched an Indian movie “Swades”, title translated as “Homeland”. The movie forever changed the course of his track and put Trestle on the Indian map of change-makers. Trestle started with 2 people and we are now a team of 15+, each motivated to solve the technological challenges faced by not-for-profit organizations of India.

Trestle is built with care with the principles of evidence-based research at heart and technological expertise as our weapon. Why technology? Because we believe it is the most powerful tool available to beat years of generational, geographical, political, and social disadvantage. We have a rich experience in creating solutions for organizations that do not have the form programming expertise or lack the time/resources to manage and digitize data collection. If you’re still using paper survey forms, we can’t wait for you to experience the true power of technology.


While acting as a bridge that leads to effective use of technology, we work on designing improved data collection, data monitoring, and data quality systems. We also help in carrying out developmental research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework, and of course, designing digital forms. And since technology can be confusing at first, we also provide training on digital data collection and custom visualization dashboards for you.

We hope to be a comprehensive solution to all your technological needs. When you fulfill your vision, we get to fulfill ours.


Our Team

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Maulik Chauhan

Managing Director

Maulik Chauhan, Managing Director of Trestle Research and Consulting, is a skillful experienced player in Research with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, MBA (Operations), Masters in Public Administration, and Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics. He has managed data operations & data management projects for Nobel laureates, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo.

He has additionally worked on global projects for prestigious organizations such as The London School of Economics, Harvard University, and The World Bank. In addition, he has also been associated with one of South Asia’s leading research companies, J-PAL, for over 7 years and worked extensively on Global Poverty.

Philanthropist and a social worker at heart, he is actively involved in community exercises, especially in the field of education. During his years in Trestle, he also became the Co-Founder of the prestigious Gujarat Chapter of the Evaluation Community of India (ECOI).


Vikas Arora

Lead – Training & Technical Support

Passionate about public health and technology, Vikas Arora aspires to serve the public health sector with his expertise in technology, research, and evaluation. This approach has helped many social institutions make informed decisions while addressing many public health interventions.

He has been enormously involved in teaching a number of courses in the Public Health sector and has implemented numerous Monitoring and Evaluation projects in Rural India and Bangladesh. He enjoys using his background in computer science and his Masters of Public Health to bridge technology and health, and he is passionate about increasing the use of ICT in health and field research.


He has also consulted and provided technical expertise to various organizations in the development sector related to their survey design and implementation at both national and international levels. With over 12 years of experience in public health and market research, Vikas has so far trained over 500 professionals from over 60 organizations on SurveyCTO and Data Management.

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Zarna Shroff

HR Consultant

Passionate about startups and founder of WordCafe, Zarna is a passionate professional who creates CVs, company profiles, and crafts presentations. Using technology as a virtual platform, Zarna easily manages many administrative functions.

Her previous experiences include her role as Human Resources and Operations at Durlax Archtech Pvt Ltd., a manufacturing company. By playing her part in the social cause of “Woman Empowerment”, she has helped women lead the respectable life they deserve.

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Meera Jhala

Project Associate

A woman who sees herself as an “eternal apprentice”, Meera has always believed in the power to do her part for society. Primarily a creative mind with a strong grasp on Data Science and Data Analytics, she is an influential woman with the perfect blend of empathy and practicality.


With a dual specialization in MBA (Finance and Marketing), she worked on ambitious projects such as “A Study on Customers’ Perception & Attitude towards Electronic Banking” at Axis Bank and “Customers’ usage of E-wallets in Ahmedabad city”. This clearly demonstrates her unique ability to manage multiple things together without missing a single detail at each end.

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