Re-inventing Change

Previously known as Dobility India Private Limited (a subsidiary of Dobility Inc. - based in the USA), Trestle Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the intention of bridging the data and technological gap between the Researchers & the Institutions that work to uplift the society from various grass root problems. The change was made in order to support SurveyCTO’s services which in turn would serve these organisations with better and efficient technological & digital tools.  


Being a Start-up & a Globally-Recognized Social Enterprise, at Trestle, we cater to Not-For-Profits/NGOs/Academics/Social Enterprises that can make the best use of technology and serve the needy.

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Our Vision

  • To serve the society with the best of our ICT capabilities

  • To contribute towards the development of society

  • To re-invent change through technology & data

Our Mission

  • To bridge the technological & digital gap in the society

  • To equip social institutions like Not-For-Profits/NGOs/Academics/Social Enterprises with top-notch ICT technology

  • To make various field data collection processes efficient through technology

  • To build the capacities of these institutions and make their public programs highly impactful

Maulik Chauhan


Founder & Director – Trestle

Having realised the impact of technology in the early stages of his professional career, Maulik Chauhan was inspired from the Bollywood Blockbuster Movie of 2004 – Swades. He realised that Technology & Data not only bring a revolution to the Humankind but also bring a change at the grass-root level. Maulik then dedicated his life to this cause and this philosophy led him to establish Trestle.

An experienced player in Research with a degree in Engineering, MBA (Operations), Masters in Public Administration, and Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics, he has handled data operation projects of Nobel Prize Awardees, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo. He has also worked on international projects of prestigious institutions like The London School of Economics, Harvard University, and The World Bank. Furthermore, he was also associated with one of the most prominent research companies of South Asia, J-PAL, for over 7 years and worked extensively on Global Poverty. Being a philanthropist and a Social Worker by heart, he is actively involved in community exercises, especially in the field of education.

Over his years at Trestle, he also became the Co-Founder of the prestigious Gujarat Chapter of the Evaluation Community of India (ECOI).

Meera Jhala
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Project Associate

A woman who considers herself a ‘Forever Learner’, Meera  has always believed in the power of doing her bit for the society. Primarily a creative mind with a strong hold on Data Science & Data Analytics, she is an influential woman with a perfect mix of Empathy and Practicality.   

Holding a Dual-Specialisation degree (Finance & Marketing) in MBA, she has worked on ambitious projects like ‘A Study on Customers’ Perception & Attitude towards Electronic Banking’ at Axis Bank and ‘Customers’ usage of E- wallets in Ahmedabad city’. This clearly proves her unique capability of managing multiple things together without missing a single detail on either end.

Admin and Finance (A&F) Team

The admin and finance (A&F) team provides assistance with the accounting, finance, filing taxes, HR, and legal matters of the company.

Vikas Arora
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Lead – Training & Technical Support

A Public Health & Technology Enthusiast, Vikas Arora aspires to serve the Public Health Sector with his expertise in technology, research and evaluation. Such an approach has helped numerous social institutions to make a well-informed decision while tackling numerous public health interventions. It has also helped them to improve the Public Health Parameters.


With over 12 years of experience in the Public Health Sector & Market Research, so far, Vikas has trained more than 500 professionals from over 60 organisations on SurveyCTO and Data Management.

Zarna Shroff

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HR Consultant

A Start-up Enthusiast and the Founder of WordCafe, Zarna is a Professional Enthusiast who builds resumes, business profiles and crafts presentations. Using the technology as a virtual platform, Zarna manages numerous administrative functions with ease. 

Her prior experiences include her role as HR & Operations at Durlax Archtech Pvt Ltd. a manufacturing firm. Playing her part on the social cause of ‘Woman Empowerment’, she has helped women to lead the respectable lives they deserve.

Heena Nirman Bhagat

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Business Development Manager

A social activist by heart, Heena is always willing to serve society by contributing her knowledge and inputs to the clean drinking water supply. A dedicated woman, having a Master's degree in Water Resources Engineering and involved in academics for over 5 years as a Professor, she was a part of several research studies related to water quality assessment and availability. She also carried out research at ISRO, Ahmedabad, for various government projects related to water scarcity. She was in the UK for 1 year, where she developed her customer service and marketing skills and is looking forward to applying those by getting involved in social and promotional activities related to providing clean drinking water technology in India.

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