Creating an Impact

With the vision of serving the society through the best of our technological capabilities, at Trestle, we aspire to create an impact. And this is how we do it:

Training & Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building is one of the core activities of any Social institutions like Not-For-Profits/NGOs/Academics/Social Enterprises. This process can be made efficient with an Automated Data Collection and Management System.

At Trestle, the only independent service provider of SurveyCTO in India, we offer Training on both Online & Offline (On-premise and In-house) platforms on these tools, further helping various Social institutions to smoothen their process of Data Collection. 

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Key Highlights of the Training

  • Covers Basic to Advanced usage of SurveyCTO

  • Training can be availed both Online & Offline (On-premise and In-house)

  • Tailored-training so that non-IT people can grasp quickly too

  • Focuses on Digital tools, Digitization of Questionnaire, Deploying forms on web/mobile, Collection of Data through Smart Devices, Real-time Monitoring, Exporting the collected data

  • Emphasis laid on Automated Quality Check Features, Adding Metadata like Images/Videos/Text Audits, Adding Relevance/Constraint/Logical Checks/GPS, etc.

  • Guidance on Troubleshoot steps

  • Upon completion, technical support is provided till digital data collection operations are rolled out successfully

Form Programming

Surveys are an integral part of any social initiative. They can be carried out efficiently with the help of SurveyCTO. This program enables a user to program Questionnaire in two ways – Using a Form Builder & Using the Excel Sheet. 

Learn these ways to program SurveyCTO from us at Trestle. With our expert programming techniques, we transfer your paper-based surveys into a Digital Format. We also support users who are running short of time or resources with Form Digitization and Programming.

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Custom Dashboard

A Custom Dashboard gives you a real-time analysis of the data. This data that is extracted in the form of visualizations and analytics is a powerful tool, especially to develop Metrics that can further be shared with Stakeholders, Donors, etc. 


At Trestle, we create and customize dashboards on platforms like ZOHO Analytics, MS Excel, Power BI. Get in touch with us to know more.


Data Collection

Data Collection on the field is a tedious and time-consuming task. At Trestle, our team provides a Full-Fledged Solution i.e., from Form Digitization to Data Collection, from the field. Along with this, digitizing the data collection activity through an Effective Data Collection Tool – SurveyCTO, the tool is an all-round solution to this problem. It enables a user to collect high-quality data, design the form, and monitor it in real-time. This can further be done both, online (through smart phones/web) and offline.

data coll-01.png

Data Cleaning

As it is acknowledged, Data Cleaning is a crucial job for most social institutions. Though the job is chaotic, it is important to complete it accurately in order to decipher the most accurate analysis of the data.


At Trestle, we have come up with an effective solution for Data Cleaning Projects. By performing Quantitative Data Analysis, we enhance the quality and accuracy of the data analysis. Our expertise in software- R, an extensive catalogue of statistical and graphical methods, we use machine learning algorithms, linear regression, time series, statistical inference, etc. to clean the data. 

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In addition to this, we also specialise in Qualitative Data Analysis like designing Word Cloud (frequency of the words visualised graphically) and Sentiment Analysis (determination of whether a piece of writing is positive, negative or neutral).

Data Mining

Usually, any data collected on the field by social institutions is raw or sometimes it is available from secondary sources. Suitable data has to be further extracted and evaluated. This makes the whole process time-consuming and tedious.

 Through the Data Mining Process that we carry out at Trestle, the process becomes simplified while our clients fetch the exact information from the raw data.


Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Any Social Initiative is successful only when its assessment has been performed in the most accurate manner. Thus, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is a crucial tool to ensure effective implementation to beneficiaries and decision-makers. It helps Government Spokespersons, Development Leaders, and the General Public to intercept crucial information from past and present events that are further helpful in impact management.


Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, designed by our team at Trestle, indicates Programme Managers and other Stakeholders of progress of the ongoing plans and its objectives while monitoring ongoing activities. Such a framework provides in-depth and objective assessment of a programme’s design, implementation and results at particular time. In addition to this, the Monitoring process shows General Trends, Evaluations, and elaborate ‘why’ things are happening the way that they are. Furthermore, it is a powerful tool to increase performance and achieve results.