Survey Tool Digitization


If you’ve never heard about SurveyCTO, it is a leading data collection platform for researchers and professionals. Surveys are an integral part of any social initiative. We help organizations design effective forms/surveys that lead to making better decisions. We help ensure that quality data, the data that you truly need, is collected in a secure manner, even if you’re offline. We believe the future is digital, and you probably don’t need us to cite the research on the advantages of going digital. If technical challenges are preventing you from taking advantage of going digital, we’re here to bridge that gap! We also support you in Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematical Assessment (EGMA) programming.  

How do we do it?

There are two ways we go about it: by using a form builder or by using a spreadsheet. We can do it for you, or if you prefer to do it yourself, we can help you gain the knowledge. With our years of experience, we’re sure you will benefit from learning from our mistakes and successes.  

Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematical Assessment (EGMA) Programming With EGRA and EGMA programming, educationists and researchers can sustainably advance educational outcomes in India. EGRA provides interventions to improve basic literacy and EGMA provides interventions to improve basic mathematical abilities. We make administering these assessments easy and secure with the help of SurveyCTO. You define the parameters; we program it.  


Capacity Building Trainings

We know that data collection and monitoring are not as easy as pie. We all need help. If you would rather do things yourself, but just need a hand to improve your learning curve, we’re here for you at Trestle. Our training sessions are designed to help you learn the ropes. Learn the best practices from an experienced professional at Trestle, the only independent service provider of SurveyCTO in India.   


Available Training for Monitoring and Evaluation: Mobile Data Collection – Many platforms allow you to customize the survey to collect specific data such as photographs, GPS coordinates, list selection, voice recording, etc. We help you understand how to set it up and gather useful insights. 


Creating Data Visualization Dashboard – We collect data because the data tells us a story, but often we miss the main plot of the story just because it is poorly visualized. We help you create a dashboard that paints a complete picture for you. Available Training for Data Analysis: Data Analysis Software (R Studio and Excel) – We have conducted many workshops teaching the basics and advanced techniques of R Studio and Excel/Spreadsheet.


R Studio is a free, open-source, and powerful tool available for data analysis. And everyone knows how a spreadsheet is ubiquitous with data. Using these free tools, we help you learn how to leverage the insights to make better decisions. In the long term, we make you self-sufficient. 


Training on Best Practices for Field Data Collection and Data Cleaning – Are social workers always experts in Data Collection and Data Cleaning? Likely not. We want to help bridge this gap. Clean data actually begins with collecting the right data in the right format. Of course, even after doing that, often times, human and technical errors creep in. We help you understand the basics.  It’s often all a matter of knowing the best practices.


Payment Services

We make the process of making the payment hassle-free for you. You can now directly pay in INR, instead of USD, and get receipts and certificates that you can file easily. We’ve partnered with SurveyCTO to make your process of onboarding absolutely easy.  

In our experience, we found that many small and medium-sized companies benefit from this not only in terms of not having the means to pay in dollars, but also in terms of reporting and filing taxes.

Now, you can claim the GST benefits!


Third Party Evaluations


Businessman looking into a laptop notebook computer screen reviewing a return on investment or business performance with colourful graphs.
Gain an objective, unbiased and research-driven assessment of your efforts in a program or an intervention with our third-party evaluation services. After all, we all need to monitor if we have been truly helpful. Some evaluations need to be conducted before even the program starts, and some need to be conducted at regular intervals.

We offer several types of Evaluations here at Trestle:

  • Formative evaluation – Before you even begin to implement your program, Trestle’s formative evaluation will help you ensure that your program activities are feasible, appropriate and acceptable. This evaluation is also useful when you make changes to your program or intervention methods.

  • Process/implementation evaluation – Determine whether your program activities have been implemented as intended. 

  • Outcome/effectiveness evaluation – Measure your program’s effects in the target population by assessing the outcomes of your efforts.

  • Impact evaluation– Assess your program’s effectiveness in achieving its ultimate goals.


How do we do it? 


As a neutral third-party evaluator, we objectively gather data about the program and review the plans and progress of the program. We then track the performance against the objectives, and, ultimately, make recommendations to improve the program’s efficacy. To give you an example, we have successfully worked with a prestigious client, World Bank, to help them with their program implementation across India. Our auditor, who was appointed for the task, collected data on various parameters such as:

  1. Caller Identification

  2. Presentation of the Script

  3. Tone During the Call

  4. Script Reading

  5. Closing the Call


Based on these parameters, the auditor collected data during live calls and also using recorded calls. The auditor also shared a daily report including his observations and suggestions for performance improvement for the callers. We closely monitored this program to improve the overall efficiency of the project and achieve the desired results.   Feel free to get in touch with us to learn which type of evaluation is right for you at each stage of the program!


Data Visualization Dashboard


Why use a Dashboard?
Sure, you can get a lot out of spreadsheets and visualize data to an extent. But, have you spent countless hours explaining your findings and data from a spreadsheet to people? We assume it doesn’t always go smoothly.  A dashboard is a perfect solution since it is a smart business intelligence tool that displays data visualizations that anyone can understand instantly.  

Dashboards allow you to gain an objective view of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that matter to your business. Dashboards can use raw data from various sources, spreadsheets, and databases to create tables, line charts, bar charts, and gauges in a central dashboard. Dashboards balance compelling, actionable visuals and are equipped with built-in performance architecture to seamlessly render insights in mobile and web devices. This means now you can share these insights with key people, who can easily understand them in a matter of minutes.

What do we offer?

Custom Dashboard – Get real-time analysis of the data in the form of visualizations and analytics and develop metrics that can be shared easily with Stakeholders, Donors, etc. Managers and data analysts get a bird’s eye view of how your company, particular department, and or campaign is performing. We help you throughout your data journey to implement an in-depth research and development plan to finalize the best approach for solving your questions and accomplish your vision at the highest level. We work closely with you to analyze each data source, facts, figures, and engineering solution to deliver predictive insights to you.


  • We deliver a fully customized and interactive dashboard on Google Data Studio within 10-15 days, depending on your requirements and on the work clarity.

  • Our dashboards remain flexible enough to change and integrate with the dynamic business environment.

  • Transform your dry reports into memorable dashboard designs to discover key patterns, significant trends, and compelling correlations.

  • We create and customize dashboards on platforms like ZOHO Analytics, MS Excel, PowerBI.

  • Explore Big Data and visualize it to gather rich insights for business.

How do we go about this?

  1. Understanding the scope of work

  2. Understanding your requirements

  3. Defining key performance indicators (KPIs)

  4. Cleaning the data (if required on separate charges)

  5. Building an interactive dashboard

  6. Handholding services (up to 2 months) till you learn to manage the dashboard by yourselves


Data Cleaning and Data Mining

At Trestle, we offer both Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis to effectively keep your data clean. By performing Quantitative Data Analysis, we enhance the quality and accuracy of the data analysis. With our expertise in software, R Studio, and graphical methods, we use machine learning algorithms, linear regression, time series, statistical inference, etc. to clean the data.

With our expertise in Qualitative Data Analysis like designing Word Cloud and Sentiment Analysis, we can help you with clean data that gives you clear insights suggestions: compare an insight with clean data and without clean data and add the visuals to the website. This will help visitors understand why data cleaning is important e.g. show a word cloud with the, an, and etc words highlighted and then show a word cloud with students, choice, opportunities, etc words highlighted.

With Trestle's Data Mining Solutions, you can go one step further by converting raw data, which is collected on-field and possibly by secondary sources, to useful, meaningful information. We make this process really simple for you so that you can focus on what matters the most to you. It involves using software to evaluate large blocks of data. This is a very time-consuming and tedious process for most organizations. Often, in these large data sets, you can find compelling, eye-opening stories that is otherwise hidden in plain sight.

Whatever you want to know from your data, we will dig it out for you.


Development and
Market Research Studies


Not sure how your solutions/services/products will be received in the market? That is precisely why we study the market before launching any products/solutions.


It is not just for corporate environments. We help you achieve a holistic view of the market so that you can get the right solutions out to the masses effectively, no matter what problem you’re trying to solve. We’ve partnered with the best to give you a one-stop-shop that goes beyond collecting and analyzing the data.


Expert Technical Sessions

We cannot even begin to describe how many interesting sessions we’ve conducted so far! These sessions highlight the best practices to follow while using technology to solve the problems of our community. We have learned a lot in our journey, and we would love to bring everyone up to speed.


We understand that when every organization that has the power to affect the health and education policies is equipped with the best practices can transform the lives of millions of people in India. We’re nowhere close to done considering how fast the emerging technologies are getting more powerful!


Impact Assessment Surveys

Being a survey research organization with strong roots in impact assessment, we regularly work with clients to assess the efficacy of their particular projects, policies or humanitarian interventions on the overall wellbeing of the beneficiaries; individuals, households, or firms.


Monitoring and Evaluation Framework


Let us make this a little easier for you. Monitoring asks the question, "Are we doing things right?" Evaluation asks, "Are we doing the right things?" Monitoring is the routine tracking and reporting of priority information about a project or program: its inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts to track the program’s success. Monitoring helps you ensure you achieve your objectives.

Evaluation is the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of a specific program to determine its relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability. Evaluation helps you understand what you really achieved.


Let us make this a little easier for you. Monitoring asks the question, "Are we doing things right?" Evaluation asks, "Are we doing the right things?" Monitoring is the routine tracking and reporting of priority information about a project or program: its inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts to track the program’s success. Monitoring helps you ensure you achieve your objectives.

Evaluation is the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of a specific program to determine its relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability. Evaluation helps you understand what you really achieved.

A clear framework is essential to guide monitoring and evaluation. A framework increases understanding of the program’s goals and objectives, defines the relationships between factors key to implementation, and articulates the internal and external elements that could affect the program’s success.

The best monitoring and evaluation tool provides an integrated approach that is easy to adopt and takes you to continuous learning and improvement goals. One of the first steps to developing a monitoring and evaluation framework is to clearly identify the desired result and all its accompanying activities and outcomes. Monitoring is truly transformative if high-quality data is integrated with real-time dashboards. At Trestle, we use the SurveyCTO platform, an app-based monitoring system, which is highly customizable and can be integrated with existing productivity or database systems.


  • Development of monitoring frameworks and plan

  • Advisory and Consultation Services from the development of monitoring framework to the preparation of monitoring report.

  • Assist with a tech-enabled smart monitoring system for easy-to-use platforms

  • High quality and fast monitoring surveys with complete reports

  • Summary evaluation report based on impact assessment and cost-effective assessment

  • Built organization’s M&E frameworks and capacity building to ensure the organization observe accurate data.

  • Design project performance tracking systems.

  • Articulate program goals and measurable short, medium, and long-term objectives.

  • Define relationships among inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

  • Clarify the relationship between program activities and external factors.