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Data Processing

Dashboards for M&E and KPI Tracking

Trestle understands the challenges involved in understanding data and findings from spreadsheets. 


We develop dashboards that make data visualization easy, track inputs outputs, track indicators, evaluate project deliverables on real-time, and make data-driven decisions.


After we get the KPIs list from you, we design the charts and scorecards for you, ensuring seamless implementation and integration of various tools.


Our Offer

Our dashboards give researchers and program managers a complete dynamic visualization of the performance of the program inputs and outputs, and the field work progress. These dashboards can be easily shared with stakeholders, NGO partners, and other parties using insights and visualizations.

Dashboards share the project’s data journey. A comprehensive research and development program is put in place to help determine the best course of action to address your concerns and realize your vision.


  • We deliver a fully customized, interactive dashboard, and tailored to your needs and requirements.

  • Our custom dashboard can be adapted to your changing project requirements and seamlessly integrated, adding to ongoing relevance and use.

  • Turn dry Excel reports into visually engaging dashboards that reveal key patterns and findings, significant trends and compelling correlations and regressions.

  • We create a dashboard using Google Data Studio, Microsoft PowerBI , ZOHO Analytics, and MS Excel as per the organization's preference. This gives the flexibility to choose the best option.

  • Share the dashboards with your stakeholders at a predetermined period, either every week or every month.

  • Visualize data in terms of short or long-term outcomes to gain research insights.

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What We Do

  1. First, we understand the scope and requirements of your project.

  2. Next, with your team, we define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are critical for the project and need to be tracked on a dashboard.

  3. Prepare data and uniform responses and remove the unnecessary columns as a first step before designing the dashboard to get full data insights from the dashboard.

  4. Define the various types of charts (bar/donuts/line), geo charts, scorecards, and the sources of the data.

  5. Start blending the data (if the number of sources are more).

  6. Create an interactive dashboard that helps you explore data easily and brings it to life.

  7. Support and guidance services are available for three months to enable your team to manage and learn the dashboard on their own.


At Trestle, we build customized dashboards and integrate with data collection platforms like SurveyCTO to make your data easily accessible and to gain actionable insight.

Revolutionize Social Impact With Trestle

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