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Monitoring and Evaluation Pipeline

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Trestle offers a variety of monitoring and evaluation services (M&E), which include Primary and Secondary Research, Theory of Change (ToC), Instruments Design, Program Methodology, Sample Size, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, and Report Writing. 

We have a team of development experts skilled in creating methods and frameworks for Monitoring and Evaluation.


We are in conversation with the organizations at every stage of the process to create a basic framework for detailed reporting.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) pipeline includes questionnaire designing, research conceptualization, form programming and mobile data collection with SurveyCTO, dashboard building with Google Data Studio, training, data management, data analysis, and reporting. 


Trestle experts participated in over 15+ national and international forums to share the best practices for collecting real-time and high-quality data from the field. We also frequently visit field sites along with NGOs to understand the ground realities and challenges to come up with effective measures and make their impact vision successful.


Our goal is better accountability and trust building and to help organizations achieve the social impact that they desire. Our tailored M&E service enables you to rely on data that is based on evidence and real-time to improvise and make decisions to drive positive change.

What do We do?

  • Define program objectives and goals

  • Build monitoring and evaluation frameworks, needed changes, and plans

  • Create survey forms and questionnaires or make necessary tweaks to existing forms.

  • We offer consulting and advisory services throughout the monitoring process.

  • We provide help with field data collection and develop monitoring checks

  • We offer fast and dynamic evaluation reports.

  • Design monitoring and evaluation tracking system for project evaluation

  • Build clear relationships between inputs, outputs, external factors, and program functionalities

Revolutionize Social Impact With Trestle

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