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Capacity building and Expert Technical Advisory

Capacity building is at the heart of our mission. At Trestle, we aim to transform social organizations and make them self-sufficient.


We are committed to give you tailored solutions so that you strengthen your M&E and field teams create lasting social impact without depending on any third party.

We aim to bridge the gap between social work, data management, and best practices for field data collection. And while doing so, we help you march toward sustainable growth.

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Why is Capacity Building Essential for Organizations?


With our capability-building training and expert advisory, we provide structured support and guidance, enabling organizations to optimize their existing resources and improve their services.


Through capacity building, we help grow your talent pipeline and create a larger pool of dedicated and skilled professionals in the sector. As our endeavor of bridging the gap between data and technology, our capacity-building program is a key determiner.


After taking our training you will be able to manage your project with the necessary tools and knowledge and don’t have to depend on anybody else.


Our Approach

Through our comprehensive capacity-building training and programs, we help M&E professionals within the development sector to develop their data skills and knowledge, and the best thing is that you don’t even need to be technologically sound. 

When you collaborate with us, it's our responsibility to make you technically sound enough to thrive in the social sector and act on your missions.

What You Can Learn?

​Our training includes:

  1. Digitizing your data collection forms (from paper to mobile data collection)

  2. Help you programming your M&E dashboard

  3. Data cleaning, collection, and analytics

  4. Building complex and automated data collection workflows for various interventions

  5. Learning about randomization and field plugins

  6. Adding data quality checks to your survey instruments 

Our training includes 80% practice sessions and 20% theory sessions.

Benefits of Our Capacity Building Services

We offer a sustainable solution for your benefit. 


  • Build your M&E team and field teams who are sound with the knowledge and skills needed for your project's success.

  • Help you create your infrastructure and train you to customize it, enabling you to create a future-ready solution.

  • We help you transform your data collection from paper to mobile based data collection.

  • You can automate your data collection workflows as required by your various interventions.

  • You become self-sufficient and don’t have to depend on any 3rd party agency for your M&E needs.

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Trestle offers advisory and consultation services to help organizations build a robust monitoring framework and prepare detailed monitoring reports.


We know every organization and social survey is unique, and needs differ. We offer tailored guidance to identify strengths and weaknesses and make informed adjustments to achieve social objectives efficiently and confidently.

A Glimpse of Our Collaborators

We worked with numerous National Bureau of Statistics departments in African Countries and trained them to transform their data collection from paper into digital format


In India, we conducted successful training for various governments and other organizations to improve their data-related skills. On this aspect, we tell you about the Agriculture Economics Research Division of the Ministry of Agriculture where we trained government officials on transforming data collection from paper to technology. 


Other reputed organizations with whom Trestle trained the M&E team include the Room to Read, IFPRI-Sri Lanka, Heifer International, American India Foundation, Clinton Health Access International (CHAI), India Health Action Trust, Partners for Development and Health in Africa (PHDA), Right to Play, etc.

Revolutionize Social Impact With Trestle

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