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Monitoring Phone Surveys for a World Bank Project

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: World Bank Group (WBG)

Sector: Multiple Sectors

Location: US

Client Background: The World Bank Group is a global organization dedicated to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development, and it works in various thematic sectors.

Objective: The World Bank Group and Trestle aimed to evaluate the performance of around 30 tele callers involved in phone surveys. The objective was to closely audit live calls, including caller identification, script presentations, and script tone, to enhance the quality and credibility of the phone survey.

Solution: Trestle closely monitored live calls made by tele callers. We evaluated various aspects, such as caller identification, adherence to script presentations, and appropriate script tone.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of audited calls to assess tele callers' performance against predefined standards and guidelines. We considered key metrics like accuracy, clarity, and professionalism, and adhered to ethical standards.

In this M&E approach, we regularly shared feedback with the World Bank Group, data collection agency, and tele callers based on the findings of the call audits. The feedback helped to improve the phone survey data quality and enhance enumerator performance.

Key benefits:

  • With our call remote audits the World Bank Group used phone surveys to collect accurate and reliable data.

  • Trestle's detailed feedback and customized training helped the tele callers to improve their performance.

  • We did rigorous call audits to maintain data integrity by identifying and addressing the areas of data inconsistencies, errors, or any biases, which in turn helped the World Bank Group make informed decisions.

Outcome: Trestle's call audit practices helped in ensuring that quality data was collected through phone surveys. With thorough monitoring, evaluation, and feedback, we helped the World Bank Group improve data integrity, tele-caller performance, and better decisions.


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