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Agriculture Survey Tools Digitization in Spanish at Dr. Congo

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: Tulane University

Sector: Food Security

Location: US

Client Background: Tulane University is a renowned educational institution in the US. They aim to address critical global challenges, drive positive change, and improve people's lives.

Objective: Tulane University approached Trestle to create a survey tool to collect vital data in Spanish. The objective was to gather detailed information on agriculture, food security, food consumption, nutrition, and welfare in Dr. Congo to build evidence-based policies and design effective methodologies to improve the well-being of the people.

Solution: We developed a sophisticated and complex Spanish survey tool comprising over 1,500 lines of code. The baseline questionnaires were programmed in Open Data Kit (ODK), and we reworked those tools to fix all bugs and refine tools.

Key benefits:

The survey tool helped researchers gather data effectively from Spanish-speaking communities in Dr. Congo while ensuring inclusivity and proper representation.

The tool's extensive programming had diverse modules that streamlined the research process and reduced complexity.

Outcome: Trestle built a tool that enabled comprehensive data collection to offer crucial insights into the exact state of agriculture, food security, and nutrition in Dr. Congo.

These findings were documented in a report published on the USAID website, highlighting the research's significance. Trestle’s name was recommended in the report for all the support.

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