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Designing Early Grade Child Assessment Tools (EGRA/EGMA) on SurveyCTO and Training

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: Room to Read (RTR)

Sector: Education

Location: India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Vietnam, US

Client Background: Room to Read is a global NGO that promotes literacy and gender equality in education.

Objective: Room to Read aimed to digitize and enhance the EGRA tools for assessing early-grade reading abilities in multiple languages. They wanted to create a user-friendly and efficient digital platform that supported various EGRA features, like letter reading, sentence choice, passage reading, dictation, and more.

Solution: Trestle worked closely with Room to Read global team to program the EGRA tools in 10 languages across nine countries. We ensured that the tools were intuitive and easy to use, sufficed all EGRA requirements, accommodating the diverse linguistic and cultural contexts in which they would be deployed. Trestle also provided capacity-building training on survey tool digitization and programming of the EGRA tools. The training was conducted online in two batches (Asia and US timezone) and attended by over 30 Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) participants from Room to Read's country teams.

We offered comprehensive handholding support, addressing queries and providing guidance throughout the implementation process.

Key benefits:

  • The digitized EGRA tools streamlined the assessment process, saving time and effort for both the assessors and the students.

  • The customized tools reduced human errors, got timely data, and enhanced data accuracy.

  • Multi-language support for ten languages helped establish linguistic diversity across the project countries.

  • Trestle offered capacity-building training to support the staff to independently carry out EGRA assessments, building the capability needed to make the project sustainable.

Outcome: The collaboration helped Room to Read to take its mission further in promoting literacy and gender equality in education. Together we positively impacted the lives of children in low-income communities worldwide.


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