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Digitizing Complex Agriculture Survey Tools in Philippines

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Survey Tool Digitization

Client: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)

Sector: Development research and evaluation to alleviate poverty.

Location: Philippines

Client Background: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a global research and policy non-profit organization dedicated to finding effective solutions to poverty and development challenges. IPA Philippines is a regional branch that focuses on impact evaluation studies to improve people's lives in poverty regions.

Objective: IPA Philippines wanted to digitize a complex survey tool to make data collection fast and accurate.

Solution: Working closely with the client, Trestle designed and developed a customized survey tool to handle functionalities like data preloading, nested repeat groups, advanced workflows, randomization, and multi-language support.

We coded around 1,300 lines to ensure seamless functionality.

Key benefits:

  • The time and effort needed for manual data entry were decreased via efficient data collection.

  • Sophisticated capabilities like preloading data, nested repeat groups, and randomized questionnaires guaranteed a thorough and reliable survey experience.

  • Due to the multilingual support, IPA Philippines could gather data from numerous communities.

  • Streamlined analysis to quickly and easily obtain insightful data.

  • Improved data security to protect the privacy and accuracy of the information gathered.

Outcome: The Trestle team produced a highly useful tool with which IPA Philippines made informed policies based on real-time insights.

Trestle digitized the survey tool and with this adoption, IPA Philippines could produce better survey results to support their poverty alleviation programs by increasing data gathering efficiency and accuracy.


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