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Survey Tool Digitization, Work Flows, Dashboard, and Training at Kenya

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: Partners for Health & Development in Africa (PHDA)

Sector: Health and Development

Location: Kenya

Client Background: : Partners for Health & Development in Africa (PHDA) is a non-profit organization that solely works towards the wellness of MSM and FSW in Africa

Objective: The objective of the collaboration was to collect accurate various data points on MSM and FSW workers while maintaining their confidentiality and being user-friendly at the same time. A training for the program team was also required to understand how digital data collection works and can collect data from various forms, link them, and everything at one go.

Solution: We worked closely with PHDA to design multiple data collection forms customized for MSM and FSW workers. These forms were built keeping in mind the privacy of the participants, minimizing the time for data collection and making the entire process easy for field workers. We developed an automatic workflow with data collection forms in a centralized manner, removing the need for manual paper data entry and reducing the risk of human errors.

Key benefits:

  • Maintain the privacy of MSM and FSW workers, and build trust among the workers.

  • We created user-friendly forms that enabled field workers to gather information quickly and effectively, all at once, so they don’t have to revisit the booth.

  • We automated the workflow to remove the troubles of manual data entry and thereby helped them to collect quality data.

  • With a centralized dashboard, they could gather real-time data to get an overall idea about the project's progress and track productivity.

Outcome: The collaboration between PHDA and Trestle resulted in the successful collection of detailed data on MSM and FSW workers that gave better insights into their health needs and social factors affecting their well-being.


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