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Food Markets Survey Tool Digitization, Phone Survey, and Training at IFPRI Sri Lanka

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Sector: Agricultural and food policy

Location: Sri Lanka

Client Background: : IFPRI provides research-based policy solutions to lower poverty and end hunger and malnutrition in developing countries.

Objective: IFPRI partnered with Trestle in 2019 to support their research efforts in Sri Lanka to garner quality data for impactful social programs and empower the IFPRI team to conduct high-quality surveys independently.

Solution: Trestle provided a comprehensive solution to address IFPRI's challenges and achieve its objectives in the following ways: Trestle digitized IFPRI's survey tools, using CATI features that removes the risks and errors related to manual data entry. We designed advanced workflows according to the need of IFPRI for real-time data collection, quality control, and rapid feedback. We also did capacity-building training for the team to conduct high-quality surveys without depending on any external agencies

Key benefits:

  • Improved their data collection and reduced data entry errors, enabling them to analyze the policies well and make informed decisions.

  • With advanced workflows, we streamlined their survey process and monitoring and helped them to enhance their data quality.

  • Designed CATI tools during COVID-19 to collect data remotely.

  • Empowered local team with capability with capacity-building training.

Outcome: Trestle helped in survey tool digitization and training and supported IFPRI's data collection efforts in Sri Lanka. Smoother data collection happened even during Covid19 due to the CATI features. The remote monitoring CATI features helped the IFPRI team to get high-quality data. The partnership improved their food security and helped formulate better poverty alleviation strategies in Sri Lanka.


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