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M&E Frameworks for CSR and Community Engagement at Tata Power, India

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Client: Tata Power Company Limited (TPCL)

Sector: CSR and Community Engagement

Location: India

Client Background: TPCL is India's leading integrated power generation and distribution company, actively involved in CSR programs and committed to sustainable community engagement and development.

Objective: TPCL partnered with Trestle to enhance their community engagement evaluation tools and streamline the data collection process.

The aim was to redesign TPCL's evaluation tools, including the Community Engagement Index (CEI), Regional Development Index (RDI), and Program Effectiveness (PE). The goal was to understand the current engagement index and ways to improve the engagement index.

Additionally, TPCL wanted to create a comprehensive dashboard to track engagement scores at various levels for better community evaluations and targeted interventions.

Solution: Trestle redesigned the evaluation tools, expanded their indicators, and ensured the M&E framework aligned with TPCL's objectives. We developed a multilingual digital platform for efficient data collection across diverse regions.

We set monitoring checks, including GPS tracking, audio audits, image verification, and text audits, to ensure the data was accurate. Trestle performed data cleaning and a thorough analysis utilizing cutting-edge statistical methods. We created a 15-page dashboard that displays thorough evaluation scores at various levels.

Key benefits:

  • The redesigned evaluation tools helped comprehensively assess TPCL's community engagement initiatives, enabling data-driven decision-making and targeted interventions.

  • The digitization of data collection streamlined the process and ensured inclusivity across languages.

  • The implementation of monitoring checks enhanced data accuracy and reliability.

  • The comprehensive dashboard offered stakeholders better insights for identifying areas of improvement and formulating strategies.

Outcome: The collaboration helped in improved decision-making for TPCL, targeted interventions based on actionable insights, improved accountability through transparent reporting, and made bonding with stakeholders stronger.

The collaboration enabled TPCL to strengthen its commitment to sustainable community development across India.


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